Our Hemp String Bags and Twine are sourced from artisans located in a village along a river in Bangladesh. Established in 1982 this small Fair Trade enterprise employs almost 200 women who are trained to make hemp rope and twine by hand in the long tradition of Bengali rope makers. Many of the women work from their homes and come to the centre every few days for new supplies and to drop off their work. The artisans are paid a living wage and work in accordance with international fair trade standards. 

The enterprise is supported by a non-profit Fair Trade service organisation based in Dhaka that provides managerial, product design & development and marketing assistance to eight different small enterprises. Their key aim is to provide jobs and training for disadvantaged rural women. The women who work for the enterprises are widows, divorcees or head-of-households with little or no income. By providing jobs for women, the organisation is able to improve the women's standard of living and help them send their children to school.