The Dharma Door Jute Baskets & Bowls, Jute Shoppers & Totes and Natural Cotton Tea Towels, Aprons & Bunting are handcrafted by artisans working for a Fair Trade organisation in various regions throughout Bangladesh. 

This organisation provides craft skills development training, entrepreneurial assistance, environmentally-friendly raw materials and sustainable opportunities for some of the most marginalised women in Bangladesh. They pay a fair price for the handcrafted products and sell them on to local and foreign markets.

In addition to the handicrafts activities, the organisation operates a social empowerment programme, aiming to enhance and improve the social and humanitarian aspects of the artisans and encourage self-reliance by educating them about:

  • Gender Rights
  • Human Rights
  • Leadership Training
  • Human Trafficking
  • Discrimination
  • Violence against Dowry
  • Domestic Violence
  • Environmental Awareness 
  • Education & Student support
  • Health and Family Welfare Programme
  • Training on social birth attendance
  • Water and Sanitation

A savings and loan scheme ensures all women within the program have access to contribute and benefit from saving a portion of their wages and micro-credit for starting small businesses or paying for important things such as their homes or children's education.

Additionally, much of the final sewing work is completed by highly at-risk and vulnerable women within Dhaka. In conjunction with skills training and sustainable employment, these women are provided with the following services by this organisation:

  • Free Information about laws and services available
  • Free Psychological and Legal support
  • Free Literacy lessons
  • Day care service for the children
  • Health Care, Support Groups and other Activities

The Dharma Door has been fortunate to have worked closely with this organisation since 2008. We continue to develop new products with the intention of furthering the amazing support that the organisation offers to so many women throughout Bangladesh.