At The Dharma Door we value design and quality as much as we value the integrity of each and every product we sell. Interested in knowing the greater value of the products you purchase from us? We've made it easy for you with our Product Keys.

Fair Trade
Fair Trade is at the very core of our business model, and all our products meet the strict criteria that enables us to label them as such. We take the Fair Trade value of our products very seriously, it is what we stand for, and what we aim to promote to the wider community. As a buyer of any Dharma Door product you can be ensured that all our artisans throughout the supply chain have been paid fairly, and have created our products in safe and clean working conditions. Want to know more? Find out here.
Handmade products simply have a quality like no other, and at The Dharma Door all our products are handmade. Each and every one of them. With every purchase you make from The Dharma Door, you are purchasing a story bigger than the product itself. Want to meet some of our makers? You can find them here.
The Dharma Door range has been built with the future of our wider environment considered every step of the way. We use natural renewable materials such as jute, hemp and bamboo in our product design. We also use natural dyes wherever possible, and we do this for a number of reasons - most importantly to ensure that our artisan makers are not polluting their own water sources in order to bring our beautiful products to you. When you purchase a product from The Dharma Door you know that we are taking care with what we do, and how we do it..
From the sari remnants in our Hessian Buckets and Sacks to all our paper products, we proudly incorporate recycled materials into our range wherever we can. We want to deliver you exciting product designs that also nurture our forests and wider environments..